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El Crucero Transitional Living Complex

El Crucero or ‘The Crossing’ is a transitional living apartment complex for Families and Youth Inc.  FYI utilizes the complex to house teenage children, many of whom are exiting foster care, and will prepare them for independent living once they reach adult age.   The seven building complex is located on a 3 acre site in east-central Las Cruces.  Housed in the complex is an administrative area with offices and conference space, a lounge that is utilized for gatherings and life skills presentations, two (2) three-bedroom semi-independent living units, six (6) two bedroom apartments, four (4) two bedroom units for young parents, and several storage areas.   The project also included the development of outdoor common spaces between the buildings which include recreational areas for the residents.  The design of the project utilizes gable-ended roofs to exude a residential appearance, while giving each unit a visual separation and independence from the remainder of the complex.

Project Data Sheet

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